The Beach House - Scotts Head

Perched on the hill with spectacular uninterrupted views south to Scotts Head main beach and North to Nambucca Heads, this original 3-bedroom brick house was built by the owner’s Grandfather in the 1970s.

The extensive renovation of The Beach House faced many challenges, including excavation of a steep rocky slope, high voltage power lines in close proximity on two boundaries, the need to preserve nearby sand dunes, dealing with variable weather conditions (e.g. days working in 30+ knot winds), maintaining the views of neighbouring properties, and working collaboratively with the local community.

Being a beachfront site that borders the main access track to Scotts Head Beach, the visibility of the works required a delicate balance between managing the progress of the project and local community interest.

ETA Constructions was conscious of maintaining good relationships with all the residents in the area and is proud of the fact that great rapport was built over the duration of the project.

What’s more, in an effort to mitigate any potential damage to the adjacent sand dunes, we took an active role in engaging and supporting the local dune care committee, which included donating dune compliant plants to the committee for planting.

When it came to preparation and building, the steep rocky slope required careful Work Health and Safety planning, as well as extensive geotechnical and structural engineering. We also required the accurate survey of the existing structure and the positioning of footings in specific locations of varying terrain.

The open plan interior of the house and large enclosed deck necessitated some serious steel, with the shell of the fabrication developed around a large prefabricated steel portal structure. The design of the portal structure required significant input from ETA Constructions to ensure the safe erection on the steep site with the high voltage power lines always providing a challenge.

Overall, the final result is nothing short of spectacular. The Beach House has become a stunning and iconic feature on the Scotts Head landscape. The collaborative approach we undertook continually delivered solutions to complicated problems and ensured every team member was fully engaged and valued on the project.

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