What's next?

Scenario 1 - You have designs

If you’re already working with an architect or draftsperson, we can give you input and advice before the designs are finalised. By collaborating with you and your architect/draftsperson, there are no surprises, everyone is on the same page, and the building process is as smooth and affordable as possible for you.


Scenario 2 - You don't designs yet

No problems. We can sit down with you to help formalise your thoughts and ideas by offering expert advice on what’s possible within your budget. Many clients have found this to be a very worthwhile exercise before they decide to engage the services of an architect or draftsperson.



The next steps...

Regardless of whether you’ve already engaged an architect/draftsperson or not, we like to spend time with you upfront to make sure we properly understand your objectives, vision and ‘must-haves’.

This also enables us to provide alternative options and approaches if needed to enhance the overall renovation and maximise your value. Once we undergo this consultation and have a deep understanding of your project, we’re in a better position to provide you with a comprehensive quote and timeframe.


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